St. Christopher's The Hall School
Independent Preparatory School for Boys and Girls 3-11 in Beckenham

Easter Egg Competition Results Print E-mail


Thank you to everyone who entered the egg decorating competition.   There was the seasonal assortment of Easter chicks, bunnies. We have been able to donate £124.00 for the Barnardos charity – well done to everyone.


Yr. 6                       Year 6 Trip to France                   -         India Sparkes

Runner Up              Egg-gobi dessert                         -         Alex Donnelly

Yr. 5                       Egglians in space                        -         Zeth Wanstall

Runner Up              Eggerlant Easter                         -         Abigail Haddow

Yr. 4                       Royal Wegging                            -         Maia Fried

Runner Up              Cinderella’s Eggly sisters             -         Sophia Falero

Yr. 3                       Swimming Gala                           -         Harry Hutchinson

Runner Up              Eggyptians                                  -         Scarlett Absalom

Yr. 2                       Jungle                                         -         Ava-Grace Henriques

Runner Up              Faberge Eggs                             -         Mollie Bolter

Yr. 1                       Football stadium                          -         Otis & Zachary


Runner Up              Fish tank                                     -         Lexi Mullane

Reception              Beast from the East snowman      -         Belle Watford

Runner Up              Darth Vader                                -         Anthony Dempsey

UKG                       Unicorns                                     -         Sophia Henriques

Runner Up              Minions                                       -         Felix Hilder

LKG                       Easter chick                                -         James Hebb

Runner Up              Nemo & Dory                              -         Eva Lindsey

Headmaster’s Choice


Lower School          Penguin Island        -         Mabel Rose

Prep School            Unicorns                 -         Amelia Barrow