St. Christopher's The Hall School
Independent Preparatory School for Boys and Girls 3-11 in Beckenham

Cricket Report - Summer 2018 Print E-mail


v Merton Court        Won by 26 runs

v Bickley Park         Won by 10 wickets

v Colfe’s                 Draw – 80 runs each

v Royal Russell       Draw – 95 runs each

v St. Dunstan’s        Lost by 25 runs

What an amazing end to the year. An encouraging episode in the life of the Year 6 boys. Dominating our first two outings, we unfortunately lost out to more victories due to holidays or illness. On the bowling front, the ‘Jimmy Anderson’ swing was on show from Captain Edward Castle and Alexander Donnelly. Quick accurate deliveries often placing the opposing batsmen under immense pressure. ‘Catches win matches’ was always echoed around the field and often helped in taking more wickets. With bat in hand we seemed to struggle when our opening pair were retired. Edward Castle proved to be a thorn in every team’s side. Without retirements I am sure Edward would still be in right now! His partner in crime, Alex Donnelly, proved to be the greatest of allies sturdy and resolute in protecting his wicket. Alexander was an unlucky player to not score more runs. We strode into our final conflict full of confidence knowing victory would secure an unbeaten season. It was not to be, the battle of the bat on ball proved to be our downfall. Well bone boys.


U9 CRICKET                                        A                                      B

v Merton Court                            won by 60 runs

v Alleyn’s                                    won by 50 runs                 won by 24 runs

v St. Dunstan’s                            won by 41 runs                 won by 37 runs

v Colfe’s                                     won by 24 runs                 Lost by 3 runs

v Breaside                                  won by 91 runs

v Farringtons                               won by 66 runs                 won by 50 runs

v Bickley Park                             won by 6 runs                   won by 33 runs

The ‘INVINCIBLES’  a phrase that takes everyone to an unbelievable level. The ‘A’ team played 7 won 7. The ‘B’ team as well were very unlucky with only one loss by 3 runs. Growth has been made by all in every aspect of the game. Fielding has become sharper, bowling cleaner and batting with great confidence. At the moment this Year group could put the England one day and 20/20 teams to the sword. Without having specific players, all of them have made excellent progress and showed that when they move to hard ball they will be a force to be reckoned with.