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Rugby Round Up

It has been a busy term for the school's rugby teams...


Running with speed and determination are the elements that combine these zippy, flying youngsters.  The word ‘forward’ is something they will never forget as they move through the school after hearing Mr Myatt bellow out during practice.  Quick passing and good support are what drives us on the attack, whilst defending we are looking to implement an aggressive approach that engages with the opposition as fast as they can.  Two members of our squad have also played for our Year 4 team.  Well done Digby Harman and Henry Baxter.  I look forward to seeing how these whipper snappers take to the advancement of ‘contact’.

                                           A                         B

Farringtons                       10 - 4                      2 – 4

Bickley Park                      12  10                     6 – 10

Merton Court                     9 – 9                      8 – 10

Hawes Down                     9 – 9                      9 – 9

St. Dunstan’s                    7 – 6                      7 – 7

Colfe’s                             17 – 18                     2 – 7


With the introduction of tackling in Year 4, a new dimension was added to the mix!  Suddenly straight running, off loading and recycling became crucial.

The U9s took on this challenge positively and throughout the term produced a brand of rugby which may be likened to Wales in the 70s.

Well done to Clem who led by example as Captain and strike runners Thomas Curtis, Sam, Teddy and Rashaan.  A pat on the back also to Ali, Freddie and Christian  who supplied the physicality in the ‘B’ team

Results included wins over

Hawes Down   (A) 10 – 2 won                Farringtons  (A)  12 – 3 won

                        (B)   9 – 8 won                                   (B)    5 – 4 won

Merton Court   (A)   6 – 4 won                Colfe’s         (A)   8 – 8 draw

                        (B)   5 – 4 lost                                    (B)   5 – 4 lost

Bickley Park    (A)   8 – 6 lost


So in the wake of the Rugby World Cup 2019, the U10s embarked on a quest to play awesome rugby.  This they did with flourishing skill and determination.  With each year that passes extra players are adding to ‘rucking’ and ‘mauling’ skills, players are then increasing in the team lineup.  Offloading was a key element of our play, together with quick hands and a defence that resembled a Viking shield wall.  Typical of our outstanding skills was during the U10 St. Dunstan’s Festival.  A round robin match pitched our wits against Colfe’s.  The boys were superb running the ball with quick hands and good support play which helped us to secure the ‘try of the day’ according to the Colfe’s Sports teacher. 

I have been very pleased to see the rise of Reggie Watson, Ollie Rollinson and Jack Wormald into the St. Christopher’s The Hall 1st team.  Not far behind are Harry Hutchinson, Ben Junginger and Ces Bibby.  Well done boys.

                                                         A                            B

Colfe’s – cancelled

Bickley Park 

                                                  4 – 8                       2 – 8

St. Dunstan’s Festival final

  v Bickley Park                           2 – 3

Farringtons                                 7 – 1                       0 – 10

Hawes Down                               9 – 7                       10 – 8


Following the Rugby World Cup, it was apparent that St. Christopher’s U11 lacked the physicality of South Africa.

As a result, a game more consistent with the Japanese, high intensity free flowing style, was more in keeping with the skill set of the squad.

Typifying this approach was the electric pace of Edward and the silky hands of Nathaniel.  Combined with the bombastic charges of George Webb, George Castle and Gabriel yardage was gained and space created for speedsters to take advantage of wide areas of the pitch.  Supporting this philosophy were Hector, Jo and Reggie, Ollie and Jack who all stepped up magnificently.  Results included wins against Bickley Park 5 – 4, Trinity 6 – 0, Elmhurst 7 – 2, Babington House 5 – 0, Hawes Down 9 – 6, Breaside 6 – 4 and Merton Court 8 – 2.  Two narrow defeats included Eltham 5 – 3 and Breaside 2 – 1 (Cup Final).

Well done to all the boys.

A wonderful morning spent at the West Lodge Prep School Festival, where all our Year2 boys played against several other school to learn the art of Rugby.