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Easter Egg Competition

The SCA are pleased to announce the winners of the Easter Egg competition...

Many thanks to the SCA for organising this competition to take place remotely.  Without further delay, the SCA is proud to announce the results.

Lower School winners:

Kindergarten: Isaac 
Reception: Ashton 
Year 1: Nancy 
Year 2: Lyla 

Judged by Mrs Wanstall and Mrs West

Prep School winners:

Year 3: Jacob 
Year 4A: Bryony 
Year 4B: Lois 
(This year group was split into classes, as Miss Arnott was already running the competition for her class)
Year 5: no entries
Year 6: Maia 

Judged by Miss Arnott

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and please click on the documents below to see some of the lovely entries.