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St. Christopher's Remote

Details of St. Christopher's Remote are as follows...

Please find below the text of the letter sent to parents by the Headmaster.

31 December 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that this email finds you and your families safe and well. May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

We now know that St. Christopher’s Lower and Prep school departments will not be returning on Wednesday 6th January 2021. So, as a school we are moving back online and into the world of remote learning. Our aim is to keep your children motivated and progressing through this new period. Staff are adapting the materials and methods used in school and are finding new ways to use them in Google Classroom so that the children can actively engage with their learning.

With your support, and with as much engagement from the children as they can give, we will make this experience as positive and successful as it can be.

Invitation to Google Classroom Classes

We will continue using Google Classroom as our Remote Learning platform. Attached to this email you will find a PowerPoint reminding you how to use this.

You will already have received an invitation to join Google Classroom from your class teacher. Please make sure you have accepted this invitation. Specialist teachers will now be part of the main year group classroom.

Planning and Children's Work

We will continue with the Lent Term plans and daily timetables that would have been set if the children were in school, as closely as we can. Lessons will be set daily and will include a variety of material, PowerPoints, video clips etc. For example, if on a Monday your child has English, Maths, French and PE then on Monday they will see those lessons on the screen. This means that our specialist staff will also be setting work on the days they would usually teach the children. All work for that day will be uploaded by 9pm the night before. The order and time in which your child completes their work will of course depend on your home and work commitments. We will upload a class timetable onto Google Classroom but this is purely to highlight what is normally taught on that day. We do very much understand the pressures that being at home brings!

If your class teacher feels that there is a workbook/textbook that your child may need at home, they will provide you with a time to come and collect these from school early next week. Otherwise feel free to use any kind of paper, exercise book or whatever you have at home.

Teaching and organisation of lessons on Google Classroom

As last year, teachers will not be performing live lessons. There are several reasons for this: This is not easy to monitor and could easily become a safeguarding concern; many staff have children and elderly members of family to look after at home; and several teachers will be teaching vulnerable and critical worker children at school on a rota-basis.

However, all class teachers will pre-record a short video or voice message daily for the children, welcoming them and outlining the school day and what is expected of them. This will help to keep them directed and engaged with their teacher and will also be a way of registering the children each morning.

Pre-recorded lessons will also be used to introduce a topic and explain what is expected for that lesson.

Responding to Work Completed

We will be encouraging a balanced approach to marking, recognising that much of the work we set will not need teacher marking and may just need children to submit evidence to us that they have completed a piece of work.

Once your child has completed their work, they should upload it to Google Classroom, where we can see and respond to their work as soon as we are able. You can do this by taking a photo of the piece of work or scanning it.


· Registrations – please make sure you register your child each morning by responding to the attendance question set by your class teacher each morning on Google Classroom.

· Attached is a detailed guide of how to use Google Classroom. Please do read this carefully.

· Please use email to communicate with your class teacher. They may also contact you directly to offer support and guidance and check on the progress of the children. However, please be aware that some staff will be in school during the day teaching vulnerable and critical worker’s children. They will respond as soon as they are able.

· You can contact members of the Senior Management Team via email for support.

· Again - please contact Mr Organ via email if you have any questions related to the set-up of Google Classroom, or any associated technical issues.

We do very much hope to see the children back onsite from 18th January 2021.

With very best wishes,

Andrew Velasco