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South of the River

Congratulations to the St. Christopher's Swimming team who had a very successful competition!

South of River Results

Isabelle Traynier - 1st in the U11 Individual Medley 
Poppy Traynier - 3rd in the U9 Butterfly 
Emilia Adese - 1st in the U9 Backstroke 
Isabelle Traynier -  1st in the U11 Backstroke 
Scarlett Absalom - 3rd in the U9 Breaststroke 
Jessica Shui -  1st in the U10 Breaststroke 
Anaïs Gauthier -  3rd in the U11 Breaststroke 
Sienna Haye  - 2rd  in the U9 Front crawl 

U9 Medley Relay 2nd Place 
U10 Girls Medley Relay 3rd Place 

U11 Girls Medley Relay 2nd Place 
Girls U9 Freestyle Relay 2nd Place 
Girls U10 Freestyle Relay 2nd Place 
Girls U11 Freestyle Relay 3rd Place 

Year 4 girls  - 2nd overall
Year 5 girls -  3rd overall 
Year 6 girls -  3rd overall 

Final Positions 
3rd Flinton House 
2nd. St Christopher’s 
1st Japs 

I am so, so proud of you all!

Miss Atkinson