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French Report - Madame Colwell

School Visit to France 2019

Year 6 have just returned from Hardelot in Northern France. We faced gale-force winds and torrential rain but survived!  We all enjoyed an amazing few days where Year 6 became more independent as well as developing many more personal skills. We all had lots of fun and came home smiling. (Teachers too!!)

First we went to Nausicaa, an incredible sea life centre in Boulogne where we saw sharks, sea horses, conga eels, sea lions to name but a few. Having spent a couple of hours there, we travelled the short distance to Hardelot. On our arrival at the PGL centre, Le Pré Catelan, Year 6 quickly settled into their rooms and were glad of their evening meal.

The time flew by and we enjoyed visits to a traditional bakery, a morning in Le Touquet market, had a demonstration of traditional sweet making in Becasuc and wandered around La Haute Ville in Boulogne not forgetting the Chocolaterie, all providing ample opportunities to spend those euros!  We also spent a very moving hour at the WW1 cemetery at Etaples, the largest Commonwealth Graves Commission cemetery .The classroom studies on WW1 earlier in the year were made more meaningful by such a visit and the Year 6 understood even more the immensity of what had happened. Thanks go to Mrs Craig for her comprehensive talk which was not so easy in such high winds! The cultural visits were mixed with activities at the centre, such as the Challenge Activities. Our evenings were equally busy and we all enjoyed the bowling fest at Le Portel where Chantoya and Issy reigned supreme closely followed by several other skilful bowlers. On our final evening we walked into the nearby town of Hardelot – Plage. The day of departure began with a flurry of activity, rummaging under beds to retrieve those stubborn socks hiding out in the furthest corners.

The trip enhanced the children’s French Studies, cultural understanding and awareness. They made croissants, tried out their French in the market and all benefitted from hearing French in authentic situations; some tried their first escargot (and enjoyed it!) while others worked hard to challenge themselves. They understood the importance of co-operation and patience with others developing many personal and social skills. We returned tired but having achieved so much.

Many, many thanks must go to Mrs Rudge, Mr Iles, Mrs Stoneham and Mrs Craig for their hard work, good humour and support without which such a trip would not be possible.  

Lesley Colwell