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Biathlon News

Congratulations to Isabelle Traynier, Anaïs Gauthier, Laura Sullivan, Nell Bruin, Jessica Shiu, Freya McCandless and Nathaniel Sawyer who took part in the British Schools Modern Biathlon Championships on Saturday and Sunday at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. It was a very windy weekend, with lots of schools and individuals taking part.

The U10/U11/U12 girls were off to an early start with their 800m run 
Jessica 3.16.66
Freya 3.26.72
Laura 3.02.89
Nell 3.17.25
Anaïs 3.04.48
Isabelle 3.02.54

....then it was the 50m swim
Jessica 38.14
Freya 44.23
Nell 35.75
Laura 44.84
Anaïs 39.02
Isabelle 31.87


St Christopher's the Hall was placed 7th overall! Individually,  Isabelle was placed 21st and Jessica 24th! 

On Sunday, it was Nathaniel's turn. In the 800m run he managed 2.55.74 and in the 50m swim 36.86! This place Nathaniel as 4th position overall which was an incredible achievement.
Well done to all the athletes who took part!

Miss Atkinson