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Request for Leave of Absence from School

The law states that the parents are compelled to ensure that their child attends school unless there is reasonable excuse for non-attendance. Family holidays during term-time are not deemed as a reasonable excuse.

The School requires a minimum of 3 weeks notice for any Request of Absence (with the exception of funerals), and parents will be notified of the decision within 5 working days.

Your request will be considered using the following criteria:

1. The pupil’s previous attendance history
2. The age of the pupil
3. The pupil’s stage of education
4. The time of year
5. The nature of the absence

Please note that unless the school considers there to be exceptional and valid reason(s) then leave of absence will not be authorised. Please complete the form and attach evidence such as copies of appointment letters etc.

 From:To:Total school days:

1st Parent/Carer

2nd Parent/Carer


- Parents to read School Attendance Policy, and if appropriate, complete the Request for Leave of Absence form , stating the reasons for the absence
- Return the whole form to the class teacher or submit this form on line at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of absence
- The school will inform parents of the decision within 5 working days via the reply slip
- If the absence is not authorised, and the child is still absent on the dates, then it will be marked as unauthorised on the register


How Leave of Absence in term time affects your child

Any term-time absence clearly has an impact on any child’s education which can be critical in some year groups and especially at certain times of the year.

- Holidays in term-time are not a right and will not normally be granted. Holiday Prices, flight times and the fact that parents have booked a holiday before checking with the school are not considered to be special reasons.
- Holidays/absences in term-time are extremely disruptive for both pupils and teaching staff and are actively discouraged by the school and the LA.
- It remains a discretionary power of the school to authorise leave of absence.
- Leave will only be granted where proper procedures have been followed, and the permission given by an authorised person within school.
- Leave of absence will not be granted retrospectively