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Individual Music Lessons

Lessons are available during the school day on a variety of instruments. Children normally come out of class for their music lessons with priority given to Year 6 and then Year 5 for lessons during breaks, assembly and before school so that they are not missing academic subjects. Whilst we work hard to ensure that no child continually misses a vital
lesson, especially where they are weak in a subject, we cannot accommodate everyone in non-academic times.

The starting age varies according to the child’s maturity and the instrument, but as a general guide these are the earliest starting ages. Please do not think that if your child does not start at this age then it is too late – a child will enjoy an instrument more and progress faster once they are keen and ready to commit to the discipline and practice required.

Piano – Mrs. Ashcroft, Mrs. Lovett, Mrs Paulides. Generally, the earliest starting point is Year 1, preferably with some reading ability. There is no harm in delaying until Year 2 or above. 20 minute lessons initially increasing to 30 on the teacher’s advice and in agreement with parents, as the child progresses.

Guitar - Mr. Birch. The earliest starting point is Year 1 with assessment from the teacher, but there is no harm in delaying until Year 2 or above. 20 minute lessons initially.

Drums – Mr. Blundell. Usually Year 3 and above but happy to assess at Year 2. 20 minute lessons initially.

Flute – Mrs. Webb. Year 3 and above, although Mrs. Webb is happy to start children on the recorder at an earlier age. 20 minute lessons initially.

Oboe – Mrs. Lovett. Year 3 and above.

Clarinet and Saxophone – Mr. Christou. Year 3 and above. 30 minute lessons.

Trumpet/Cornet – Mr. Rainsford. Year 3 and above as assessed by the teacher.

Violin – Mrs. Rayner. Earliest starting point at Year 1 with assessment from teacher. 20 minute lessons initially.

Singing – Mrs. Paulides. Usually Year 3 and above. 20 minute lessons initially.

Children will need to practise regularly – ideally every day, but at least three times a week as a minimum to make progress; they will need their own instrument to practise on. The school has a limited selection of violins, woodwind and brass instruments available for short-term hire through the SCA, the intention being that families buy their own
instrument once the child has been learning for 2 terms and has committed to continuing.

Cost of lessons is £165 for a ten week term of 20 minute lessons and £247.50 for 30 minute lessons. Most instruments can be started on 20 minute lessons with the expectation to increase to half an hour as the child progresses. Teachers are happy to arrange to see a child for an initial assessment and ‘taster’ lesson before requiring a commitment to

Please note that after the first term, a full term’s notice is required to cease lessons, in writing to the Bursar or Mrs. Gay by the first day of term in order to stop at the end of that term.

Please email Mrs. Gay, Director of Music, as the first point of contact for arranging lessons and she will put you in touch with the relevant teacher via email. gillygay@stchristophersthehall.org.uk