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Pastoral Care

The Form Teacher is responsible for the pastoral care and progress of the child throughout the school. A weekly PSHE lesson is included in the curriculum for LKG to Year 6, using the Jigsaw Scheme. Our Monday assemblies focus on the PSHE topic of the week. Character strength awards have also been introduced.  The school has appointed a Deputy Head (Wellbeing) to oversee the pastoral care throughout the school and we have established the SNUG as a safe space for children to go to in times of difficulty.  A school council  - Pupil Voice - has been formed to afford the children a say in matters which affect their lives.


Scamps (St. Christopher’s Afternoon and Morning Play Scheme) operates to provide supervision by qualified staff from 8.00-8.30 a.m. each morning, and until 5.00 p.m. each evening for parents who wish to use it.

House System

The House system plus a Code of Conduct exist to support, encourage and foster an ethos of hard work and good manners. From Reception upwards the children are divided into four Houses; Blyton, Campbell, Hillary and Johnson which compete in both work and games as well as presenting assemblies.

There are regular House meetings to prepare for events while each child is encouraged to win merits. This promotes bonding and friendships across the age-range.

Within each House, positions of responsibility are given to selected pupils. From Year 6, House Captains and Monitors are chosen to promote consideration and thoughtfulness for others. Overall, St. Christopher’s aims to produce well-rounded individuals.