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Sustainability and Travel Plan

What is the STP ?

This was written in consultation with TfL, and Bromley Road Safety Department. In our first year (2009) we achieved Higher Standards (Silver) status, which was renewed in 2010. After introducing many new initiatives in school in 2012, we were awarded Higher Standards  (Gold ), and also the Platinum School of the Year Award for the South East Region of London. In 2018 we submitted a full rewrite of the plan, and have again received Outstanding (Gold) status for our current work.

Why? How?

  • To give safe access to the school site for pedestrians and cyclists by reducing parking near to the entrance, and within the school grounds with the introduction of Park and Stride. This involves parking outside the half mile radius of the school, and walking the rest of the way.
  • To improve the health and safety of our whole school community through the introduction of Road Safety and Citizenship talks at all ages, Smart Movers and Walking the World schemes and Cycling Proficiency Training for Year 6 pupils.
  • To raise our eco-friendly status by recycling paper and ink cartridges, adding Gardening to the Year 3 curriculum, conserving energy and using sustainable transport, or those with reduced emissions, for school visits.
  • To promote health and hygiene through school lunches, and encouragement of healthy snacks for mid-morning break.

The percentage of pupils walking to school has risen and there are less single occupancy car journeys being made. We would like to see further changes in both. Many pupils are now cycling/scooting too.

Junior Travel Ambassadors

Two pupils each year are selected to be the St. Christopher’s JTAs. They undergo training with the Bromley Road Safety Team and share lots of ideas with their peers during the year.

They will also be part of a JTA Council with representatives from each class, so that our work is promoted and recorded throughout the school, and the children take more of an active role in its implementation. 

School Crossing Patrol

We are lucky to have an SCP. Please make sure that you and your children cross the road safely with her. She is on duty from 08.00am until 09.00am, and again from 3.00pm until 4.00pm.

She is working to promote safe driving and parking, so she will report any cars /parents who she feels are causing a problem. Don’t let your car/name be on that list !

Bicycle & Scooter Storage

Please put your ‘vehicle’ tidily in the storage area so that there is room for everyone who needs to use it. Bikes and scooters left lying on the ground, or propped against the unit or tree are a danger to other users, and a temptation to pupils on the Lower School playground!

Car Park

We have a one way system through the school car park, so please be aware of the direction from which vehicles should be approaching.

Please may we again remind you that for the safety of our pupils, parents/childminders should not be bringing vehicles on to the school premises at any time. In addition, for the safety of everybody, children should be supervised at all times, and not be allowed to run through or play in the car park, especially around the parked cars.

CCTV Smart Car

We regularly have a visit from this outside school to monitor parking. If a driver is caught parking on the zigzag line, or over a driveway etc. they can receive a heavy fine of up to £100.