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Messages from the Head Girl and Head Boy...

Please see the messages from our head girl and head boy...

From Hector:


Sorry you can't see your family, friends and teachers at the moment - I really miss all of mine.  I have found it hard to do schoolwork with Parker, my dog, licking my feet and my little sister driving me mad!

I know we have work to do, but also try and have fun with your family and do things you never get the chance to do.  My mum has taught me how to iron and I said I can do my school uniform now (thankfully we don't have to wear it at the moment!).

Please try and stay home, stay safe and hopefully things will be back to what we know soon.

Take care



From Hesper:

Dear St. Christopher's,

I hope you are all staying safe and well and you got a lot of eggs from the Easter Bunny!

I feel like this is such a strange time that we are all living in, but I also think this will be very interesting in the future for people to look back on in their history lessons.  I wonder if they will call us the "Corona Kids"?

Make sure you are trying to get enough fresh air every day - I always try and learn a new dance every day to get rid of some energy!

Now we are back at school, I hope you can get some time to keep your brains working, but it's also a good time to learn other new skills that we don't usually have time for.  I am learning some Spanish before I start secondary school in September.

I really miss everyone at St. Christopher's, but hopefully we will all see each other again soon.

Keep Smiling!