Spelling Overview

Welcome to the Spelling section, where we delve into the intricacies of language to foster strong spelling skills in our students. Here, you will discover a comprehensive overview and long-term plans that guide our approach to spelling education.

From our overarching aims that span across the school to the specific rules and sounds students will explore in each year group, our curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation in spelling. We believe that a mastery of spelling is not just about correctness; it’s about empowering our learners to communicate effectively and confidently in the written form.

Explore the journey of spelling development with us, from fundamental phonics to advanced word structures. We take pride in equipping our students with the tools they need to become proficient spellers and confident writers.

Year 2 Spelling Overview

Year 3 Spelling Overview

Year 4 Spelling Overview

Year 5 Spelling Overview

Year 6 Spelling Overview

Open Mornings

Our next open event:

Tuesday 24th September 10:30-12:00

Wednesday 16th October 10:30-12:00

Tuesday 12th November 10:30-12:00

Wednesday 27th November 10:30-12:00

Please book in for one of our Open Mornings. There will be a talk from the Head, a tour by current pupils and a chance to chat over coffee with governors, staff and other parents.

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The Reception and 7+ Assessment

We are taking applications for places in our Reception classes and Year 3 classes for September 2024,

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