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Senior Choir - Memories of the Albert Hall - with official photograph link

The Senor Choir took part in the Barnardo's Young Supporters Concert in the Albert Hall on Monday, 26th November.

They arrived at 10.30 am and left at 9.45pm, after a very full day indeed. The children behaved impeccably and sang out with gusto songs from La La Land, The Greatest Showman and Frozen, amongst others. Special mention of our soloists Nell Bruin, Lucia GraneyAnaïs Gauthier, Abigail Haddow and Daniel Bower (who stood in on the day for a sadly unwell Oliver Bennett).  They performed with aplomb and as if they were unphased to be singing in front of 5000 people! Thanks to Mr Iles, Miss Arnott and Mrs Rudge who chaperoned the children for the day. Thanks also to all of the parents who came to support us.

All in all an extremely busy, memorable and happy day!

Official photographs are available from - 

The Rehearsal and Concert pictures are at https://www.hiskett.net/Events/Barnardos-young-supporters-con/Barnardos-Concert-RAH-November-26th-2018-Rehearsal-and

The Group shots are at https://www.hiskett.net/Events/Barnardos-young-supporters-con/Barnardos-Concert-RAH-Nov-26th-2018-Group-shots/

Please email Bill Hiskett for the password.