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Fees and Withdrawal

Fees and Withdrawal

All fees are payable on or before the first day of the term for which they are due. A full term's notice to cancel the acceptance of a place or to withdraw a child from school must be given in writing to the Headmaster. Unless such notice is given, a full term's fees are payable.

A non-refundable deposit is payable on acceptance of a place in Kindergarten.  A deposit of £750 for internal candidates and £1,000 from external candidates is payable to secure a place in Reception.  This is deducted from the summer term's fees at the end of the Reception year.

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Fees from January 2021

Prep School   Per Term
Year 3 - Year 6   £3,530.00
Lower School    
Reception - Year 2   £3,340.00
Upper Kindergarten (5ams / 3pms) £2,810.00
Upper Kindergarten (5ams / 2pms) £2,635.00
Upper Kindergarten (5ams / 1pm) £2,445.00
Upper/Lower Kindergarten (5ams)


Lower Kindergarten (4ams) £1,750.00
Lower Kindergarten (3ams) £1,450.00
Music Lessons - 10x20 minutes (Individual) £165.00
Milk (Year 1 - Year 6)
No charge for milk in Kindergarten and Reception

If more than one child attends the school, a reduction of 10% is made for the second and each subsequent child.

All fees are due on or before the first day of term. It is also possible to pay fees in instalments.

A limited number of bursaries are available for existing pupils in Year 3 and above dependent on individual financial circumstances. Contact the Headmaster directly in confidence for more information.

A term’s written notice is required to discontinue an extra subject. If the required notice is not given a term’s fees will be charged in lieu.

Nursery Funding

We currently participate in the government Free Early Education scheme for the 15 Universal hours.  This provides up to 15 hours per week free provision.  Our designated hours are 8.30am – 11.30am Monday to Friday during term time.  It is possible to divide these hours between two providers.

We do not offer the additional 15 Extended hours.

Childcare Vouchers

We are able to accept childcare vouchers for Kindergarten fees, Scamps, after school clubs and residential trips.