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Lunch Menu

Week 1

Monday Pork or Chicken Butchers, Sausages, Quorn Sausages, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli and Cauliflower, Florets. Assorted Cup Cakes.
Tuesday Mexican Style Mild Spiced, Chicken Fajitas, Mexican Style Bean and Vegetable Fajitas, Wraps, Rice, Green Beans. Assorted Yogurts and Fresh Fruit Platters.
Wednesday Italian Style beef Lasagne, Quorn Lasagne, Macaroni Cheese, Garlic Bread, Sweetcorn Nibs. Assorted Jellies.
Thursday Freshly Made Chicken Goujons, Mediterranean Vegetable Tart, Oven Baked Jacket Wedges, Steamed Carrots. Assorted Yoghurts and Fresh Fruit Platters.
Friday Oven Baked Breaded Fish Fingers, Oven Baked Battered White Fish, Spinach Stuffed Field Mushrooms, Twice Cooked Chips, Peas. Cookies.


Week 2

Monday Italian Style Spaghetti Bolognese, Rich Tomato and Basil Sauce, Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Steamed Carrots. Chewy Flapjack.
Tuesday Mild Spiced Chicken Curry, Chick Pea and Sweet Potato Curry, Basmati Rice, Sliced Green Beans. Selection Of Yoghurts and Fresh Fruit Platters.
Wednesday Freshly Made Pepperoni Pizza, Freshly Made Margarita Pizza, Oven Baked Jacket Wedges, Sweetcorn Nibs. Victoria Sponge Cake.
Thursday Chinese Style Stir Fry Chicken, Chinese Style Spiced Sticky Beef, Vegetable Stir Fry, Pak Choi, Noodles or Rice. Selection of Fresh Fruits and Assorted Yoghurts.
Friday Freshly Prepared Fish Goujons, Oven Baked Battered White Fish, Vegetable Jambalaya, Twice Cooked Chips, Peas. Fruit Ice Lollies.

Week 3

Monday Mild Spiced Chilli Beef with Sour Cream, Mild Spiced Vegetable and Bean Chilli, Quesadillas, Wraps or Rice, Sweetcorn Nibs. Chocolate Brownies.
Tuesday Pork Wellingtons, Chicken Wellingtons, Mushroom Wellingtons, Rosemary Scented Oven Roasted New Potatoes, Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets. Assorted Yoghurts and Fresh Fruit Platters.
Wednesday BBQ Boneless Chicken Thighs, Vegetable Tagine, Pilaf Rice, Stir Fry Leeks and Peas. Ice Cream with Toffee Sauce.
Thursday Butchers Choice Beef Or Chicken Burger, Falafel Burgers, Oven Baked Jacket Wedges, Oven Roasted Vegetables, Selection Of Salads. Assorted Yoghurts and Fresh Fruit Platters.
Friday Oven Baked Breaded Fish Fingers, Thai Salmon Fish Cakes, Vegetable Risotto, Twice Cooked Chips, Peas. Gingerbread Men.



Harrison Catering Services

Harrison Catering Services is delighted to provide the catering for St Christopher’s The Hall School. Since its founding in 1994, Harrison has always been about quality fresh food prepared on-site and served by people who love what they do.

Harrison understands that what students eat affects their health and their ability to learn and perform in the classroom.  Our catering team provides nutritious, balanced meals, and we work to educate the students on how to make healthier food choices. Our goal is to instil a love and understanding of fresh, healthy food at a young age that will positively influence them throughout life.

As well as providing good quality food Harrison is also keen to pass on its knowledge to help children make healthier food choices in the future. Harrison is a main supporter of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts ‘Chefs Adopt a School’ (CAAS) scheme delivering training sessions to pupils. CAAS is a national charity dedicated to teaching children about food, food provenance, healthy eating, nutrition and the importance of eating together.

All Harrison staff receive training on how to prepare and serve healthier food through the company’s bespoke Eat Well Live Well©  training programme and complete Smile accredited customer service training to ensure the best experience for customers. They are also encouraged and supported to develop professionally throughout their career and the company provides many opportunities to achieve formal qualifications.

The Harrison team works closely with the school to tailor menus to the tastes and preferences of the students. It introduces further interest and excitement to menus through themed lunches and dinners ranging from holidays like Easter and Christmas to cuisines from around the world, tying these into the school curriculum whenever possible in a fun and stimulating way.

Harrison have a comprehensive food allergen and intolerance process and the Catering Team work closely with students and their families to address individual dietary needs.

In October 2014, Harrison increased its commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact by introducing its new range of completely compostable branded packaging across its business. The eco packaging is plastic free, low carbon and made using renewable, sustainably-sourced, natural materials (trees, corn and sugar cane) and recycled materials and emits significantly less CO2 during manufacture than conventional packaging.  It is certified compostable in under 12 weeks.

If you require further information or have any feedback about the catering service, please contact Linda Martin by phone 020 8650 2200 or email st.christophers@harrisoncatering.co.uk