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Recycle for Charity

Please take a look at two new schmes to help raise funds for two excellent charities by recycling.

Let’s be Stamp Champs!

We have recently become aware of a new charity which collects used postage stamps. Having supported Hearing Dogs for over a decade, we feel that it is a good time to change our focus with our Stamps Collection in school.

The charity is called Pyjama Fairies, and they make and supply medical gowns and pyjamas for babies and children up to 16 years to use whilst they are having surgery or facing tests in a hospital. They are made in consultation with leading hospitals, and feature fun and bright child friendly designs – more cheerful than the traditional hospital issue gowns -  and are designed to minimise discomfort when medical intervention is necessary. Children can remain fully dressed, safe and warm whilst being examined and throughout their stay in hospital, and the gowns allow poorly children to retain a sense of their own identity. Visiting a sick child in hospital can have a profound impact on siblings and relatives, and feedback from parents and healthcare professionals says that the gowns make the visits less clinical and the hospital wards less intimidating.

As anyone who has had a child in hospital will know, anything that makes the stay less frightening, and more like home, is a good thing.

How your stamps help.

Just 1kg of stamps can help to pay for a set of special pyjamas and surgical gown to be donated to a child undergoing a medical intervention, to give an emotional boost to the child and remind them that they are not defined by their illness.

All you need to do is tear the stamped corner from any envelope or packet that you receive in the post, trim it so that there is around 1cm of paper around each stamp, and start a collection.

Once you have a large bundle, bag them, bring them into school and put them in the collection box. The collection box can hold up to 7kg of stamps, which would provide more than £100 for the charity. With Christmas cards arriving later this term, let’s see whether we can fill the box.

Ink Cartridge Recycling

For many years we have been collecting and recycling used ink cartridges from printers. Sadly the scheme we supported is no longer operating, so we have been looking for a new charity to support in this way.

We have become aware of a charity called Village Africa, which is based close to Portsmouth, and works in Yamba Village in Tanzania. Its aim is to alleviate poverty through supplying medical aid and education, and to build healthcare centres and schools, among other things. Further information is available at: villageafrica.org.uk  or https://www.therecyclingfactory.com/village-africa

One of our former pupils ( Mrs. Mantle’s daughter ) has visited the village and seen the impact that the work of the charity is having.

All you need to do is to use the attached label to send your cartridges. The charity will receive a donation for every suitable cartridge you send.