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St. Christopher's Rugby Tournament

What a wonderful afternoon of rugby, we all witnessed...

From pupils, parents and staff arriving with smiles, it was time to start.

Two groups of 4 teams were playing each other to win the coveted St Christopher’s The Hall Trophy. Previous winners have been Eltham, Colfes, Dulwich Prep, Trinity and last year’s winners Bickley Park.

St Christopher’s The Hall played Bickley Park first; a very tough affair ending in a very tight 1-1. Next up was Hawes Down whom we comfortably beat 5-0. Going into the last group match, it was all about how many we could score to reach the final. Farringtons were next on the agenda. We scored 5 tries, but Farringtons had bagged 2. Now we were up against Bickley for top billing for tries scored. Both teams were equal.

The decision was made to have our first ever “Golden Try”. Who could it be? Who could make the break and score the golden try? The ball was played to Edward Thomas who had the speed to break free, see the space and attack..... he did!!! We made it into our own final!

Breaside awaited us. Last year saw us play a 7-7 tie at U10 level. This was going to be tight. The 5 minute first half came and went in a flash. It ended 1-1. With nerves jangling, the second half was close. St Christopher’s The Hall made a break, but we were stopped 10 metres away from the goal. Breaside had the ball and were using their strength; our defence couldn’t hold!!! Breaside scored. Final score St Christopher’s The Hall 1, Breaside 2.

An epic afternoon was had by all. Well done everyone, maybe next year!!