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National Biathlon Championships

Congratulations to all the children who participated in this prestigious event at the weekend.  Please click here to read more from our special correspondents, Jessica Shui and Nathanial Sawyer...

 Jessica's report -

"On a wet and windy Sunday morning in October, a group of pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 participated in a biathlon competition at Whitgift  School. The biathlon involves a 400 metre run and 25 metre swim for the Under 9s and an 800m run and 50m swim for the Under 10s and Under 11s. There were over 600 participants in total and the run was across what felt like an obstacle course in a muddy and boggy field. Congratulations to all of the pupils from St. Christopher’s who participated.

The Whitgift competition was a regional qualifier for the National Biathlon Championships. We found out a few days later that some of us had qualified for the Nationals. The children who qualified were Chloe Shiu, Arabella Williams and Thomas Curtis from the Under 9s, Poppy Traynier from the Under 10s, and Nathaniel Sawyer, Ollie Rollinson, Emily Rogers and me from the Under 11s.

On another wet and windy morning, this time a Saturday, the St. Christopher’s team gathered in Nottingham for the Nationals. Competition was tough but everybody performed to their best. Poppy placed 18th in the Under 10 girls.  Nathaniel placed 8th and Ollie placed 29th in the Under 11 boys out of 56 competitors.  Arabella came 27th in the Under 9 girls.  Emily came 56th and I placed 30th overall in the Under 11 girls. Unfortunately, Chloe had been off school all of the week before and was unable to compete, which was a shame as she had qualified in 8th place.

I was very proud to be part of the team. I wish the younger members of the team and everyone else who represents St. Christopher’s next year the best of luck.

Thanks to Miss Atkinson for all of her help and support in training and on the competition days."

Nathaniel's report - 

"It feels like a long time ago that St. Christopher’s competed in the National Schools Biathlon at Crystal Palace. This time, for the British nationals, we had to travel to Nottingham. A bunch of us qualified and I was glad that I wasn’t the only boy in the team this year, as Ollie Rollinson came along too.

The journey was much shorter this time and took only about 3 hours, unlike to Leeds, which took forever. The venue was Harvey Haddon Sports Centre and the competition kicked off with runs first, then swims. 

First up were the U9s, in which Arabella Williams and Chloe Shiu were competing in a 400m race. Unfortunately, Chloe wasn’t well enough to complete the race. Arabella brought lots of cookies!

Then it was the U10 girls and Poppy Traynier was next up for an 800m run. After Poppy, it was a long wait before it was Ollie’s and my turn. I was very glad when my run was finally over. I managed to do it in 2:49.43 min, which is the best time I have ever achieved. Ollie also did very well with 2:54.76 min.

After us, Jessica Shiu and Emily Rogers were up next and they too ran really well in their heat. It was fun to cheer everyone on.

While some of us were running, Arabella and Poppy swam their races. Eventually, it was the U11s’ turn. Although Emily and Ollie are not club swimmers, they did so well in their dives and turns and looked so professional too. I swam my race with a time of 35.25 seconds, which was beaten by Jessica’s 34.87 seconds.

Soon, all the results were out. I came in at 8th place, having entered the competition at 16th. Poppy placed 18th, Arabella 27th, Ollie 29th, Jessica 30th and Emily 56th.

I was very proud and happy to have taken part in this biathlon again. It was nice that we had a bigger team this year.

Thanks to Ms Atkinson for her coaching and her support. We couldn’t have done it without her belief in us. Thanks also to Mr Velasco for entering us in this competition.   

Now, we can look forward to the schools nationals in March!"

Miss Atkinson writes "I couldn’t of been prouder of the children's effort and achievements. They were a credit to themselves and the school".