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Review of The Snowman by Mr Iles

For one glorious afternoon during the Christmas holiday Miss Arnott and I were transported to a magical place where snowmen dance and children fly. As Lewis Chan's present and former form teachers we attended a memorable matinee of The Snowman. The Peacock Theatre was full of excited children and parents and there was a buzz of excitement in the atmosphere.


Within minutes of the curtain rising Lewis had made friends with a snowman, decorated him with buttons, eyes and a nose and invited him into the warmth of his house. Subsequently Lewis danced with a range of fruit who he discovered in his enormous fridge, a collection of snowmen and a beautiful ballerina.


The most magical part of the show occurred when three times Lewis soared above us, flying with his new best friend the snowman. Lewis made it seem as if he really was walking in the air and smiled and looked joyful throughout the show.


Afterwards we waited to congratulate Lewis with his parents at the stage door. There can't be many shows in the West End at the moment which require a child of Lewis's age to lead a show in this way and we should all be proud of what Lewis is achieving and the pleasure he is giving to vast numbers of theatregoers this Christmas.

Mr Iles