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Year 6 Destinies

We are pleased to be able to report the destinies of our Year 6 leavers...

Details of the schools to which our Year 6 leavers are going are set out below.  The underlined school is the school to which the student will go, other schools listed are those which made offers to that student and scholarship offers are shown in brackets.

33 scholarships were gained in Academic, Drama, Music and Sport. The cohort consists of 29 pupils, two of whom did not sit for Independent selective schools.

Eltham College, Bromley High (Drama), Croydon High (Drama)

Bromley High

The Royal Ballet School, Dulwich College, Tring Park School for Performing Arts

Sydenham High, Bromley High, Croydon High

Eltham College (Drama), Croydon High (Academic & Drama), Bromley High

Bromley High (Head’s Award for Sport), Langley Park Girls School

Croydon High (Sport Exhibition & Drama), St. Dunstan’s, Sydenham High

Whitgift (All rounder), Trinity (Sports & Academic), Dulwich College (Academic)

Dulwich College (Academic), Dartford Grammar School, Whitgift (Academic and Sports), Trinity (Academic &Sport)

Eltham College, Bromley High, Croydon High (Academic and Sports), JAGS

Trinity (Sport), Royal Russell (Academic & Sport), Whitgift (Sport)

Alleyn’s (Academic), JAGS, Bromley High (Academic), Eltham College (Academic)

Bromley High (Academic and Sports), Alleyn’s, Croydon High (Sport & Academic), Eltham College (Sport), JAGS,

Newstead Woods

Bullers Wood Girls School

Eltham College, Trinity

Alleyn’s, Bromley High (Headmistress Award)

Royal Russell

Trinity, Royal Russell (Academic), Colfe’s, Bickley Park

Langley Park Girls School

Langley Park Girls School

Bromley High (Art), Croydon High (Art), Royal Russell, Sydenham High

Bishop Challoner

JAGS (Music), Bromley High (Music)

Eltham College (Sport)

Bromley High

Langley Park Boys School

Bullers Wood Boys School


One destination is TBC