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The second of the old St. Christopher's minibuses has been utilised in support of this great charity...

As you may recall, the first minibus was transported out to Malawi a few years ago, full of books donated by St. Christopher's families and other materials for the charity.  The plan had been to do the same with the second old minibus, but unfortunately the pandemic prevented the shipping taking place, and it was agreed to sell the minibus to raise funds to support the school in Malawi instead.

Sara Goodman, who runs Hope4Malawi, has sent us this update.

"The money raised from the sale of the St. Christopher's minibus is being used to provide phala for vulnerable children at Mpemba school. Thank you! The other minibus is still working and is mainly used to transport pipes, equipment and personnel for the borehole repair project, Madzi Alipo, which Fisherman’s Rest (a partner organisation of Hope4Malawi in Malawi) run.

Because of Covid, feeding programmes aren’t running, as the government are concerned that cooking and eating phala will cause increased spread of the virus.  Instead, bags of dried phala are being given to the most vulnerable children in the schools to take home for their families to cook.  We are hoping the feeding programmes will start again next term as the impact on education is costly with children, particularly in years 1 and 2, not attending school regularly, and unable to concentrate as well in class. 

Thank you St Christopher’s again for your generosity over many years: Minibus, books, fundraising for the feeding programme.  Mpemba remains one of the top performing schools in the area despite many challenges, including lack of classrooms and desks. We have recently provided text books for the 3 top years and funding for standard 8, the top year, to support their preparation for end of year exams, from which they are selected to secondary school and are in regular contact with the Head teacher."