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World Book Day


By Samantha Rudge

If you’d walked round the school any day last week,

Excitement you would have seen,

Sharing stories for World Book Day,

And everything in between!


Books and authors and illustrators,

All were discussed and explored,

In every nook and cranny,

Nothing was ignored!


Posters made, covered in glitter,

Quizzes and tokens too,

Masterclasses watched and models built,

Plenty of drawing and glue!


Today we held an assembly,

To share our wonderful things,

Such a host of excitement and pride

This worthwhile occasion brings.  


Sharing stories is so important

And we rarely make a fuss,

But it’s always important to remember

Those who aren’t as lucky as us.


The day is run by a charity,

Giving tokens for certain books,

Our bookshops have a selection,

Go and take a look!


And when you swap your token

For a book that you want to enjoy,

Think of those whose first ever book it is,

Every girl and boy.