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Bionic Biathlon Brilliance!

St Christopher’s The Hall - British Biathlon Champions! 

Wow, what a whirlwind ride these young athletes have had! From qualifications in September at Alleyn's Biathlon to the Big Stage in Leeds last weekend, these 5 athletes have been amazing!

They have never once forgotten that to be part of this they have had to work incredibly hard in and outside of school, preparing themselves mentally and physically.
I would like to give an insight into what some of these athletes have been doing : training up to 6-7 hours swimming a week before and after school, playing tennis up to 4 hours a week before and after school, Netball in and after school, Running club and park runs at the weekends. On top of this, they have had fixtures and homework and of course a little bit of fun!

On Friday night, parents and athletes took to the busy roads of London and the motorways to make their way to Leeds.
On Saturday morning I joined them at the John Charles Sports Centre for the British Modern Day Biathlon/Pentathlon.
To say there were 100s of athletes was an understatement with  many  keen and competitive parents in tow!!
After registration and warm ups, the U10 boys and girls were ready to swim 50m freestyle.

Nathaniel Sawyer was first in to the pool, followed by Jessica Shiu, Laura SullivanAnaïs Gauthier and Isabelle Traynier. I am especially thrilled that all of the swimmers hit their Personal Best Times!

Results After the Swim 
Nathaniel 5th Place time of 37.87
Jessica 5th Place time of 37.29
Laura 57th Place time of 42.34
Anais 20th Place time of 36.56
Isabelle 1st Place time of 31.30

This constituted a great start and,  after a quick change, a snack and a few team photos, we were outside and on the track for the 800m and back to Nathaniel, who was first up for the team to run.

Results after for the Run 
Nathaniel  2.56.08
Jessica     3.19.83
Isabelle     2.59.49
Laura.       3.02.70
Anais.       3.03.41

These were amazing times! There were at least 7 heats in each age group, so the athletes were racing against the clock.

After the two events times have been added together the final results were..........

Nathaniel joint 4th in Britain with a score of 2426 points (5th in order as the other boys run time takes precedence)
Nathaniel went into competition ranked 9th!

Jessica 24th in Britain 2162 points, originally ranked 45th, over 39 competitors in her age group.

Isabelle 10th in Britain 2558 points originally ranked 27th over 72 girls competed in U11 age group.

Anaïs 32nd in Britain 2342 points originally ranked in 52 Place. Again over 72 competitors.

Laura 49th in Britain 2180 points originally ranked 60th again competed with over 72 girls.

For the team event there must be 3 competitors of the same age and gender. The U11 girls team of Isabelle, Laura and Anaïs managed to gain 7080 points putting them in 1st and Gold medal position.