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Super Space Science with Year Two.

Year Two went out into the atmosphere and deep under the sea with their trip to the Science Museum.

On Friday 22nd March Year Two visited the Science Museum in London. They travelled up to the museum by coach, crossing The River Thames and seeing the sights they had looked at in Art and Humanities.

On arrival they looked at the Exploring Space, and Building the Future galleries, looking at rockets, Neil Armstrong's moon lander, planets, planes, trains and the Apollo 11 capsule. They then went deep under the sea in 3D at the IMAX cinema, swimming with sea-dragons, jellyfish and the occasional shark.

After a much needed rest, they blasted back out into space to visit the International Space Station and one of our lucky children got to put on the spacesuit and venture out to do some repairs. We also learned how to clean up and recycle our...water!

As if we hadn't done enough we then whizzed up to see the World War Two aircraft, and try our hand at managing electricity and water supplies in the Engineer Your Future Gallery, and finally looking at natures patterns and computer generated ones in the Pattern Pod.

A BIG thank you to and from the Year Two team to all the adults who supported the trip by running a "group".