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Maths Week

Maths Week

The theme was Maths is Fun and the children certainly appeared to have lots of that during the week! There were visits from the Happy Puzzle people where the children were engaged in groups to solve age appropriate puzzles and  also Quantum Theatre who entertained us with three differentiated plays called the Half Pint Kid. There was a joint Form time which gave the Lower School children an opportunity to mix with children from the Prep School to play games and solve puzzles. The focus for the Lower School was practical maths and that included making bread and smoothies. The Prep School focused on fractions and 4A were keen to tell Miss Arnott that they would like to divide her cake into 18ths rather than 20ths at the end of the week.

As well as maths lessons, teachers were asked to incorporate some element of maths into their other teaching and that included maths story writing and history timelines.

The enthusiastic response from the children at the end of the week indicated that they had enjoyed all the activities. Many thanks to all the staff that helped to make it all happen!!

Miss Arnott